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Solar Panel Sales & Installation

Reinvent the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

We at GN Exteriors believe green and eco-friendly energy is the future because it only has benefits and no issues. It’s cost-effective, does not harm the environment, reduces pollution, and there’s no production of greenhouse gases. What’s there to lose? Nothing. Then why everybody isn’t adapting to it? Because it’s a bit costly at the moment and not everybody understands this. And this is why we are among the very few innovators in Massachusetts who manufacture solar panels and make people aware of this incredible technology. We are also working to make it less expensive so that more people can afford it and enjoy long-term savings because it pays its cost on its own.

Most Comprehensive and Detail-Oriented

Before you make a purchase, we assess your solar potential, how much energy you can make in your area with the best placement. And what kind of plans will suit you according to your financial needs. We plan ahead and check if any tree or shading issues can lead you to face any energy loss.

And once we are done with the calculation and examination, we go ahead and make the most reasonable and competitive quote. We are licensed and certified, cover warranties, and have hundreds and thousands of happy customers in Braintree, Massachusetts.

Why Pick Our Company for Solar Purchase and Installation

We have been selling and installing solar panels for years now. And our company focuses on the ultimate goal of all modern innovators; making green renewable energy without fossils. We are committed to providing maximum value to the customer.

And we offer:

  • Exceptional value
  • Detailed, quality, and careful work
  • Long-lasting systems
  • Free consultations and quotations
  • Unmatchable installation
  • Licensed and certified technicians