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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding in MA

GN Exteriors is a Vinyl Siding Contractor in the South Shore installing all brands and vinyl siding types. We use the most well-known and respected brands manufacturing premium vinyl siding in many different styles and sizes. We offer a variety of siding and trim colors in several other profiles. Our vinyl siding provides excellent wind resistance and durability.

Our style and color choices give you versatile design options that look amazing on a wide range of home types. Our innovative technology allows us to model your home with different color and style choices before the installation. 

We Provide Specialist Vinyl Siding Services

Our vinyl siding has offered high reliability at a low price with low maintenance requirements and long-life expectancy. New vinyl sidings will significantly improve your energy savings and the elegance of your house, mainly when properly installed by our skilled professionals. The following benefits are offered by vinyl siding:
Elegant Durability – We have available our siding options in a diverse selection of appealing colors, from deep, rich colors to neutral light.
Lifetime Piece of Mind — Our vinyl siding can handle the most extreme new England weather.

Vinyl Siding Installation in the South Shore

Vinyl siding remains the top choice for homeowners in remodeling and new construction. This is likely due to its afforability and high-tech materials that make vinyl siding durable and energy efficient. Vinyl siding provides your home an extra layer of protection against hail and environmental damage, as well as enhancing curve appeal. Vinyl siding is comparatively inexpensive, virtually maintenance free, and amenable to DIY repairs. It also comes in more colors and styles than any other material.

Vinyl Siding

Horizontal vinyl siding for your home is a traditional and attractive, feature-rich choice for your home. We use siding designed to stay beautiful with very little effort while providing you the versatility to design your home based on your unique taste.

PVC Trim

Our PVC Trim and Window Kits are pre-fabricated to provide quality workmanship and a precision fit that can be customized to fit your home. All PVC millwork and trim kits are paintable so you can rest assured knowing we got you covered.

Board & Batten Siding

Board & Batten siding is a recreation of a style favored by early settlers to protect and beautify their homes. Alternating wide and narrow vertical panels combine in a simple yet elegant design. Board & Batten siding will enhance your home's curve appeal while providing all the benefits of a durable material.

Aluminum Trim Casing

Aluminum trim casing can protect and add decorative trim accents to your home's exterior. Featuring a high quality color coating on top of a durable aluminum construction ensures that this trim will retain its appeal for years to come. It is the perfect complement for your home's windows and siding.