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As a certified and insured roofing contractor in Randolph CA, we believe customer satisfaction should always be the #1 priority. GN Exteriors is an expert at installing all major roof technologies to meet the needs of our customers and surpass at meeting customer demands about responsiveness and work quality while remaining budget-conscious. This is the basis on which our company has built a sovereign customer base and continues to demonstrate steady growth in the roofing industry.

Transparent Communication Process To Avoid Any Surprises

Rather than being a company that sells just one product level, we offer a wide range of brands, materials, and colors, so we have something for everyone at every price point. We’ll guide you on all of your options and help you determine which materials are best for your goals, budget, and schedule. We guarantee that our prices will be competitive with properly licensed and insured contractors using the same materials and installation specifications.

Why Choose Us?

Prompt & On-Time Service Delivery

Yeah! You read it right. We strongly believe in this simple statement. When we say we will start your roofing job on a specific day, that is the day we will start. When we say your roofing job will take five days, we will complete the project in five days. Due to this, we are considered veteran roofing contractors in Randolph CA. We understand and respect that when your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, your life and daily routines are disrupted. Our goal is to get your home back up and running and you back on your schedule.

Quality Roof Repairs That Last

Unfortunately, we are often faced with inadequate roof repairs that are temporary; They do more harm than good. Inexperienced roofers called in for repairs can damage your roof with inappropriate materials, installation, and foot traffic. We are often forced to replace metal roof panels due to improper repairs that lead to corrosion and leaks. At GN Exteriors, all our professionals have the necessary skills and resources to keep your property safe and sound. Our quality work ethic has enabled our company to stand out among top roofing contractors in Randolph CA.