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The value of a sturdy and watertight roof cannot be empazied enough; your home’s roof shields you from the elements, keeps your home dry, and you and your loved ones safe from harm. This is why it’s important to pay attention to signs of wear and tear on your roof and to routinely check it for any indications of deterioration. If you act swiftly after noticing any of the following roof warning signs, you may be able to prevent unnecessary costs and interior damage due to Roof leaks.

Here Are A Few Signs That A Roof Is Getting Close To The End Of Its Useful Life:

Missing Shingles

While missing shingles are generally discovered after a major storm, they sometimes come loose and fall off on their own. Of course, the latter only applies if the shingles are old and worn or if they were improperly installed. In either case, a local roofer would be able to provide a roof assessment and a solution that would address the missing shingles and prevent this from occurring in the future. An experienced local roofer will be able to provide some recommendations.

Algae or Streaking Growth

Although algae is not considered to be a significant cause of roof failure, it does weaken the integrity of the shingle and impacts the roofing system’s weatherproofing ability. Most reputable shingle manufactueres use algae resistant granules on their shingles, eliminating algae growth in the first 15-25 years of the roof’s life. Algae and streaks may not be a sign of a leak, but they are definitely a sign of aging and its worth having a local roofing contractor do a roof inspection and ensure the roof is still in good shape..

Cracks, Curling, or Bald Spots

If you start to notice a growing amount of shingle granules in your gutters or bottom of your downspouts, this is a clear sign that your roof is deteriorating. Some obvious signs of this roof deterioration are curling edges on the shingles, cracked shingles, or bald spots (a black area in the shingle with limited to no granules). In these situations, a roofing company can do an inspection and provide you a timeline for a roof replacement and some maintenance suggestion’s in the meantime..

Sunlight in the Attic

Turning off the lights and looking in your attic is one of the best methods to see if a gap enables sunlight to enter the space. Contact a roofing professional right away if you see light coming through the roof into the attic. While occasionally not a problem, more often than not, if you see light in your attic, there is a leak. The leak may be minor and may not be visible in the living area, but this will only get worse if not addressed in a timely manner.

Leaky Chimney

Chimneys are usually erected through the roofline to exhaust harmful smoke and vapors from appliances, water heaters, and/or furnaces. While a chimney is not a part of the roof, it is integral to the home and the roof’s waterproofing abilities. When a chimney has proper lead flashing and counter flashing, the watertight chimney can outlast the roofing system. Sadly there are many roofers that do not istall new lead flashing at a chimney during a roof replacement (in order to save money); instead they smear tar on the chimney fashing to make it watertight. This temporary solution causes your brand new roof to leak within the first few years of its life. If your new roof has a black color around the bottom of the chimney where it meets the roof, odds are your chimney will fail before your roof does.

These are just a few ways to tell if your roof needs attention or needs to be replaced. If you see any of these signs of roof deterioration, call the experts at GN Exteriors Corp. to have the roof inspected and if needed, have the roof replaced with the appropriate roofing materials for improved waterproofing and curve appeal.

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